Contingency Based Cost Reduction Services:

We do all the work to deliver incremental savings dollars by reducing fees associated with accepting credit, debit and other forms of electronic payment. We share in the incremental gain directly attributable to our services. If there is no clear quantifiable reduction, there is no fee.

Achieving Maximum Savings

Contrary to popular belief, pricing is only part of the equation. In order to minimize your businesses credit card processing costs you not only need to achieve very specific pricing and terms but you also need to ensure your transactions are clearing at the lowest cost method. To do that you need a deep understanding of Interchange, Interchange Compliance, as well as a good handle on all the alternative payment methods that could work well given your business.

Let�s face it, you have a lot more responsibilities to deal with than learning all of the intricacies of Interchange Compliance. Your focus is to stay up to date on trends affecting your industry and probably not the granular level details of the Payments Industry. EP Consulting fills that gap for you and the result is thousands of dollars in reduced costs, increased efficiency, an even better relationship with your processing vendors, and peace of mind knowing that this expense category is minimized.

3 Steps to Increased Profits

"So you�re telling me that you can help my company add hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month in as little as 60 days, it doesn�t require any investment of time or money, we don�t have to change vendors, and we simply share in the incremental savings you deliver? Why wouldn�t I do this?" - Danny Zilberberg.

Initial Review: You send in four (4) months of recent processing statements. We review your case to see how or if we can help you? Would you believe that most merchants are absolutely convinced they have already done everything possible to reduce their merchant account fees and that there are no more savings to be had? Yet, in over 87% of the cases we review for these same merchants we can and do reduce this cost even more and we are not talking about a few dollars here and there. Our average client adds over $11,000 per year to their bottom line.

The Gameplan: Following the signed Letter of Engagement, we schedule a brief call to go over the anticipated savings and strategy to get there. Although we will be doing all the work and there are no action items for you during this call we use this as an opportunity to help you understand the �what�, �why�, and �how� the savings will be achieved. Since we work for you, you always have the final say in terms of our plan.

Results & Review: Following the implementation of our strategy we report the quantified savings results as well as audit your billing for accuracy, review and report in plain English any areas of improvement in terms of Interchange qualification, explain exactly what needs to be done, as well as consider and advise on feasible alternative payment methods or emerging technology that could further reduce costs.

Services for the Do-It-Yourselfer:

While our traditional contingency based services are the most popular, many Business Owners, CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers, CPAs and Bookkeepers have a Do-It-Yourself spirit. We have excellent programs that will enable you to achieve much deeper savings in far less time than would be possible without the step by step instruction and resources provided. Click here to learn more.

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